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This page sets forth the conditions and terms under which Acadia Insurance Company, Berkley National Insurance Company, Berkley Regional Insurance Company, Riverport Insurance Company, StarNet Insurance Company, and Tri-State Insurance Company of Minnesota (“Companies”) provide this website and the conditions that govern your use of this site. By using our site, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not accept our terms and conditions, please do not continue to use or access our site.

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  • The availability of specific products and services may vary by state jurisdiction.
  • The product descriptions are general in nature. Coverage offered is subject to the specific terms of the actual policies issued.
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The information on this site is distributed with the understanding that the Companies are not providing professional advice of any type. If you have a question requiring professional advice, such as a question relating to law, financial planning or loss control, please seek the advice of a qualified professional in a relevant field.

Enforceability of These Provisions

Should any of these terms and conditions be held invalid, the invalid provisions shall be construed consistent with applicable law and in a manner that remains consistent with the original intent of the Companies. Provisions not otherwise held invalid shall remain in force.

New York Confidentiality Protocols for Victims of Domestic Violence and Endangered Individuals

New York Insurance Law Section §2612 prohibits insurers from taking certain actions against a person solely on the basis that he/she is a victim of domestic violence and requires insurers to establish certain confidentiality protocols for these individuals. Specifically, this law states that if a victim of domestic violence covered by an insurance policy delivers to the insurer that issued the policy, a valid order of protection against the policyholder or other person covered under the same policy, the insurer is prohibited for the duration of the order from disclosing to the policyholder or other covered person the address and telephone number of the victim, or of any person providing covered services to the victim. If the victim is a child, then the confidentiality rights established by this law also extend to the parent or guardian of the child.

If you are a victim of domestic violence and are covered by an insurance policy issued by us, you may provide us with an alternate address, telephone number or other method of contact. If you have a valid order of protection against another person covered by the same insurance policy issued by us, then you may provide us with a copy of the order, asking that we not disclose your contact information to such other person.

Any alternate contact information or order of protection may be sent to us by sending that information to the following address:

General Counsel
Berkley Agribusiness
P.O. Box 1594
Des Moines, IA 50306-1594

For additional information, you may also contact the New York State Domestic Violence Hotline at (800) 942-6906.

Minnesota E-Billing

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